Gaming for the Commons festival

Parlour presentation at the international festival of social or educational board games Gaming for the Commons [Seville & online, November 2020]

Experimental Design for Sustainable Food Futures

The Food Tarot deck served to provoke co-creative proposals for regenerative more-than-human food futures at the Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Food Futures workshop. A collaboration of the Feeding Food Futures collective [online, July 2020]

Future Food exhibition 

Parlour is part of a group exhibition Future Food in the Deutches Hygiene-Museum Dresden. The Food Tarot deck now exists in German version! [Germany, May 2020 – Sep 2021] 

Tarot Lab at the 1st Nordic Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices

Tarot Lab series, collaboration with artist Darina Alster [Trondheim, NO, February 2020]

Tarot Lab: Unfolding

Tarot Lab series, collaboration with artist Darina Alster [Kutna Hora, CZ, November 2019]

Tarot Lab: Wigwam

Tarot Lab series, collaboration with artist Darina Alster [Prague, CZ, July 2019]

Crafting and Tasting Issues in Human-Food Interaction workshop 

The workshop organised at DIS’19 conference used the Food Tarot deck to kick-off a group discussion on Human-Food Interaction issues. A collaboration of the Feeding Food Futures collective [San Diego, USA, June 2019]

Primer: Futures for All conference

The Parlour project was showcased at the Emerging Designer exhibition at the Primer’19 conference [Parsons School of Design, New York, USA, June 2019]

Extreme Biopolitical Bistro at Biotopia EAT festival

Food Tarot Lab in our Extreme Bistro showcased at the Biotopia EAT festival [Naturkunde Museum Bayern, Munich, GE, May 2019]

Tarot Lab: Opening

The initiation of the Tarot Lab series, a collaboration with artist Darina Alster & guest Richie Cyngler. More in the Tarot Lab Zine [Kutna Hora, CZ, March 2019]

VVitchVVaVVe Post Digital Aesthetics Symposium

Food Tarot readings and talk at VVitchVVaVVe
[Siteworks gallery, Melbourne, AU, December 2018]

OzCHI 2018 conference 

The Parlour project was performed at OzCHI’18, as part of the conference Demos track. Full paper [pdf] here. [RMIT Melbourne, AU, December 2018]

On and Off the Table: Reimagining Food and Wine Interactions workshop

Participants at the OzCHI 2018 workshop worked with the Food Tarot cards to co-create future food scenarios. [RMIT Melbourne, AU, December 2018]

Utrecht Food Futures workshop

The two-day workshop organised in collaboration with Creative Coding Utrecht invited participants to imagine, test and taste possible food futures of the city of Utrecht. [Utrecht, NL, October 2018]

Humus Sapiens: Fermenting Speculative Histories workshop

The workshop experimented with hands-on fermentation techniques and a collaborative crafting of fictional food stories, re-interpreting the diverse and uncertain histories of the age-old fermentation tradition [Stuttgart, GE, September 2018].

Designing Recipes for Digital Food Futures workshop

The workshop at CHI’18 conference addressed existing and anticipated food-tech issues and sought to extend the existing body of Human-Food Interaction (HFI) research. A collaboration of the Feeding Food Futures collective [Montreal, CAN, April 2018].

Food CHI 2017 conference

An early iteration of the Food Tarot deck was showcased and played with at the Food CHI 2017 conference. [Melbourne, AUS, November 2017].

Maker Faire Singapore

Food Tarot readings at the Maker Faire Singapore [Singapore, July 2017].

Random Blends 2017 festival

Food Futures Salon: Sunday Gut Gardening & Gastro Masochism – a Tarot reading event at the Random Blends Sunday Showcase festival in Art Science Museum Singapore [Singapore, March 2017].

Emerge: A Festival of Futures 

The inaugural Parlour of Food Futures event at the Emerge 2017 festival, organised as part of a larger Parlour of Futures performance [Phoenix, AZ, USA 2017].